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Spreading love, joy, and sustainability through our rare breed and designer cross hatching eggs, chicks and other stuff!

Wide open spaces, fresh air, friendly faces, following your passion, feeding body and soul. At Wabi Sabi Acres, we firmly believe these things are a vital part of living abundantly, and we are pleased to share them with you. Get to know us here on our website, and feel free to contact us if there’s anything we can do for you.


Our Silverudd's Blue flock has now been tested and is certified to be 100% homozygous (OO) for the blue egg gene! We are one of just a handful of breeders in the U.S. to currently hold this designation. This means that the tan egg problem that has plagued this breed is no longer a possibility coming from our stock. 


All our flocks are fed 100% organic feed, are free-ranged/pastured, given only sky-harvested or fully filtered water (when the sky-harvest runs dry), and are busy little omnivores - foraging plenty of natural plants, insects and other animals (like the occasional lizard or frog). We are an NPIP-certified PT clean establishment.

CONTACT US FOR CURRENT AVAILABILITY of chicks and hatching eggs prior to placing your order. Otherwise, you will be scheduled for the first available slot.  Availability may differ for shipped vs. pick up orders depending on temperatures during the summer.

  • We have limited availability of Cream Legbars, Bielefelders, Swedish Flowers and Aquamarines starting in late June.

  • Silverudd's Blues and Black Copper Marans orders are full through the end of 2021 and will be available again Spring 2022. 

  • All fertile hatching eggs available in July and August for pick up OR cooler box shipping (+$20, experimental method) due to extreme temperatures.

  • Normal shipping will resume is September once the temperatures fall back into the 70's/80's range. We generally ship through November then take a break to get ready for the next spring!


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