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55 Flowery


The 55 Flowery is another gift to chickendom from that genius Swedish priest Martin Silverudd. Created in 1955, the 55 rooster and hen look very different from each other throughout their lives. This auto-sexing function is a boon to homesteaders, backyard breeders, small-scale farms, and impatient hobbyists alike. Day-old males are light-colored and have a blonde spot on their heads. They grow into majestic white cocks with bright red combs. Darker-downed, striped female chicks become sweet ladies adorned in a beautiful spotted "flowery" pattern, and they lay oodles of eggs (well in excess of 250 per year)! Despite, or perhaps due to their frugal build, 55 Flowerys are super-efficient feed converters and prolific layers of the roundest, largest tinted eggs with hints of peaches-n-cream, even pinks. You need these chickens!


Our 55's are awesome! A pure pleasure to behold, our birds are energetic and entertaining, smart as whips (as far as chickens go), and practical as heck. They appeal to both the right and left parts of our brains. Right brain appeal: charming flowering feather pattern (girls) and shining whites (boys), brightly contrasting red combs with sunshine-yellow legs and beaks, impressive poise and overall charisma. Left brain appeal: they are tops in terms of functionality - their smaller size means they require less space to house and browse; they consume less feed to produce more eggs; and they just have more common sense than the average chicken, being less dramatic and quieter than other breeds.

55 Flowerys will make a great addition to your existing flock or a perfect start to a new one, bringing much pleasure and amusement to your yard as they embellish your egg basket with creams, peaches and pinks.

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