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Sweet little Cream Legbar girl

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Order your chicks to hatch through our Shop page. You choose the breeds you want and quantities of each. Once we receive your order, we collect your eggs and set them in our incubators. When your eggs are set, we notify you of your hatch date. It is 21 days from setting to hatch. When your chicks hatch out, we notify you again and they are either shipped or you may pick them up from either Arlington (76015) or Gordon (76453).


Due to the extremely high demand for our chicks, we are hatching out regularly "on spec." You may inquire if/when our spec hatches are due and either pre-purchase or get on our notification list. If you pre-purchase chicks from the hatch, you will get your pick of chicks in the order your order was received. So for instance, if you were the first to place your order for chicks from the hatch, you would get first pick from all the chicks; if your order was the second order placed, you would get to choose your chicks after the first order has been filled, etc. If there are any chicks remaining after pre-orders are filled, we then start notifying interested buyers in the order their name was placed on the notification list. Be aware that we usually pre-sell out of spec hatches, so if we are doing one and you definitely want chicks from the hatch, it's advisable to pre-order.


Silverudd's Blue, Black Copper Marans

Full Hatch* - $25 per chick

Sexed** - $35 female, $20 male

Cream Legbar, Bielefelder, 55 Flowery

Full Hatch* - $20 per chick

Sexed** - $30 female, $15 male

Lavender Orpington, Swedish Flower Hen

Full Hatch* $20

Wabi Sabi Jade, Wabi Sabi Aquamarines, Wabi Sabi Fiesta Blue, Marbabar

Full Hatch* $15 per chick

Sexed** - $25 female $10 male

*If you would like to get a natural mix of male and female chicks at a discounted price, the Full Hatch might be the way for you to go. Full Hatch price applies when you purchase the quantity of chicks you want, we set and hatch those eggs, and you get whatever proportion of female and male chicks  hatch out.

**Purchasing your chicks sexed allows you to get what you want in terms of females and males. On our auto-sexing breeds (Bielefelder, Cream Legbar, 55 Flowery), there is 100% certainty that you are getting the sex of chicks you want. Other breeds (Silverudd's Blue and Black Copper Marans) however, are not considered sight-sexable at hatch, but in our experience, we can make an educated guess with perhaps a 75% rate of accuracy. For these breeds, we will sell chicks sexed, with your understanding that a chick sold as one sex may end up being the other. Our guarantee is that if a chick sold as female ends up being male, we will refund 50% of your  purchase price or replace the bird with one of the correct sex at no cost. We do not, however, charge you more if a chick you purchased as a male ends up being a female! :)

It is 100% our choice whether we refund your purchase price or get you a replacement chick.


We will occasionally have started and mature birds, but not often. This is because, as a quality breeder of beautiful birds with beautiful eggs, demand for our offerings is high, and we tend to sell out of every egg and chick that we produce on the farm. The exception is the birds we hatch out for our own breeding programs. Each year, we hatch out hundreds of chicks to have large groups from which to select the best to breed forward. Once the chicks begin to mature, we regularly evaluate for characteristics we want in our breeding program. As we decide to exclude certain birds from our flocks, we will offer them for sale. These birds are, more often than not, excellent stock, however, we only select the best of the best to keep and breed. We will post notifications on our Facebook page and website when we do have started and mature birds available.

Chicks, Started Birds, Mature Birds: Our Farm
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