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Bielefelder cockerel (L), pullet (R)
Bielefelders’ auto-sexing on display
Bielefelder chicks
Biele Pullet
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Bielefelders were developed in the 1970's by Gerd Roth in Bielefeld, Germany. They are often referred to as the uber chicken (or super chicken), so what super powers do these birds possess? First of all, they are dual purpose - providing a large, meaty carcass for the table while the hens lay jumbo-sized eggs in great numbers. They are striking creatures with sweet dispositions. And on top of all that, they are auto-sexing, which means you can clearly tell the girls from from the boys by their coloring from the day of hatch. Their eggs are sure to please in a natural spectrum from blush linen to cafe au lait to caramel. Our birds trace their bloodline to Greenfire Farms' original stock imported in 2011, plus an unrelated bloodline for diversity imported in 2013.

As adults, Bielefelder's manifest an incredibly variegated feather pattern and coloring that only nature could produce, called Kennfarbig (cuckoo red partridge in English). Bielefelder roosters have the most breathtaking and beautiful plumage of all the breeds we raise!


Our Bielefelders possess a quiet, unassuming nature despite their substantial size. Our females are subtle in coloring as well as in vocalization, and so shy that we find it nearly impossible to get a good, clear photo of them. Our males are a bit less bashful in their flamboyant Kennfarbig garb (perhaps the clothes make the chicken as well?). They are quite chivalrous with their ladies, calling them politely to supper, watching them over them with great care, and never allowing them to stray into danger.

Highly valued in their native Germany, Bielefelders command a premium price. Until recently, however, they were not well-known outside their home country. Now, because of their special abilities, amiability, and striking good looks, Bielefelders are quickly winning over the hearts and minds of Americans. Get your Super Chickens today!

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