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Black Copper Marans

Greenfire Lines Roos (French National Egg Champions)
Little Peddler-Greenfire Hens (Hatched from Darkest Eggs)

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Named after the historic port town of Marans, France, this breed originated in the marshy areas on the coast of the Atlantic. Marans began to develop in the 1200's as local marsh hens were crossed with various gamecocks brought over on the ships which came into port. The breed evolved gradually over the centuries as other breeds were crossed in, including Brahmas and Langshans. Marans first emerged in their modern form during the 1914 French poultry shows. The first breed standard was established by the Marans Club of France in 1931. Black Copper Marans are excellent dual-purpose birds. Although their larger frame and tasty flesh make them fit for the table, Black Copper Marans are best known for the marvelous eggs they lay in good quantities. On the outside, Marans eggs are the rich color of chocolate. Inside, a golden-orange yolk is simply bursting with nutrition - vitamins, minerals, proteins and healthy fats - thanks to our birds' natural diet of foraged bugs, grasses and greens, sky-harvested water and organic feed. We count ourselves in fine company in our belief that Marans eggs are the most delicious in all the world as our opinion is shared by demanding gourmets and chefs and (per author Ian Fleming), the illustrious James Bond, Agent 007.


The first Marans were imported to the U.S. just about the time our soldiers were returning to the states after World War II. Since then, birds and eggs have been brought in from many other countries including England, Canada and Australia.


Our Marans come from two well-known lines in the U.S. - Greenfire Farms and Little Peddler. Our Greenfire birds are the offspring of French National Egg Champion lines. The Little Peddler line is pure French, from BCM's gifted to Brenda (the Little Peddler) from some French friends. She has kept the line pure ever since, never introducing American or other stock into it. Even with these impressive bloodlines, we will continually selectively breed for our desired goals of exceptionally robust, sweet-natured, good-looking birds with superior dark egg genetics that are a pleasure to own; bring many large, beautiful, healthful eggs to your table; and serve a dual purpose well if needed.


Because we began our flocks with high quality stock selected to produce dark eggs, our birds carry the genetics to produce the saturated chocolate eggs that Marans keepers desire. Marans generally lay their darkest eggs at the beginning of the laying cycle when their "ink" level is full. As the season progresses, the eggs lighten as their "ink" begins to run low. Therefore, the later in the season you acquire your hatching eggs, the less deep the color may be. Hens may also experience glitches throughout the year and lay a lighter egg here and there. Please note that you may receive a few lighter eggs in your order. However, all eggs come from dark egg layers, ensuring the concentration of these genes in the offspring and the highest chance of chicks with dark egg genetics. 

Our Black Copper Marans are quite docile and sweet. To us, they're like big, fluffy, cute teddy bear birds. Even the most muscular, masculine roos are absolute dears. The clincher with Black Copper Marans are their splendid and sizeable chestnut to mahogany, rich and buttery-flavored, nutritional powerhouse eggs.

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