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Efficient and elegant BBS (blue, black, splash) breed that lays a spectrum of green eggs


Sweet, friendly, feather-crested, auto-sexing breed that lays blue and blue-green eggs

Lovely Cream Legbar Pullet

Large, calm, irridescent-feathered breed that lays the famous chocolate-hued eggs

Smart and sturdy landrace breed paints your lawn in a wildflower-inspired rainbow of plumage

Rare Breed Chickens: What's Happening

Big, beautiful birds, as nice as they come, provide jumbo-sized eggs in a spectrum of pretty naturals from pink linen to rich caramel.


Refined and fashionable in looks, manner and the posh shades of jade eggs they lay, these birds add class to your flock and egg basket


Healthy, hardy, colorful birds that fill your egg basket with glowing blues, greens, olives and aquas


Coming Soon

We are always thinking about and implementing ways to improve our processes and our flocks, looking into new breeds we'd like to offer in the future, and working on projects. We'll keep you posted here and on our blog. :)

Rare Breed Chickens: What's Happening
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