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Chick Shipping

Chick packaging

Comfort, Nutrition, Hydration

We use shipping boxes and pads specially designed for safe and comfortable transportation of chicks through the U.S. Postal Service. We add plenty of Scratch and Peck organic, whole grain starter feed underfoot and two cucumber halves to provide chicks with nutrition and hydration during their journey.

Six chicks

Six Chick Minimum

We ship a minimum of six chicks. This helps with padding, less "sloshing around" in the box, warmth and companionship. It gives your chicks a better chance of staying in good condition through the mail. You may order fewer than six if you don't mind us filling in with free cockerels - our choice of whatever we have on hand.

Chick box exterior

Label, Secure, Ship

We print a slightly smaller label and place it for minimum blockage of air holes. Heavy-duty packing tape is carefully applied to secure your precious cargo yet allow for maximum air circulation. One- to two-day Priority Express Mail gets your chicks to you pronto.

Chick Shipping: What's Happening
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