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Cream Legbar

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Sky blue Cream Legbar Eggs in Wire Baske
Awesome Auto-sexing Cream Legbar Chicks
Auto-sexing Cream Legbar Chicks
Pretty pullet - 4 weeks old
Lovely Cream Legbar Pullet
Handsome Rocky Roo
Cream Legbar Eggs and Color Chart
Nigel and his ladies
Foraging Cream Legbar Hens
Miss Priscilla - Our Friendliest Cream Legbar
Cream Legbar Trio
Spectrum of beautiful blue, awesome aqua
Wolf Cradling a Darling Cream Legbar Chi
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It's no wonder the Cream Legbar is the world's most popular auto-sexing breed! Both the hens and cocks possess a calm disposition. The gentlemen tend to be good flock protectors and courteous eaters. The ladies look ever so charming in their stylish feather crests while laying copious amounts of beautiful sky-blue to light green eggs! They pass on their highly practical auto-sexing ability to produce visibly sexable chick from generation to generation. The breed is well-known for their excellent foraging skills. Ours seem especially adept at tirelessly hunting down every nutritious bug, plant and grain that they can on our acreage. Even though they love to free range, they can also thrive in pastured pens or coop and run accommodations. These medium-sized birds can produce up to 260 large, gorgeously colored eggs a year. We highly recommend this breed for their unique looks, dual purpose practicality and awesome personalities.


All Cream Legbars in the United States were imported by Greenfire Farms. In 2010, they brought in two breeding groups, then a year later imported additional Cream Legbars with complementary traits. The birds were generally robust layers of blue eggs, but their coloration contained more gold and chestnut color than is called for in the British standard, they currently sell chicks from these flocks as "Production Legbars."

In 2013 and again in 2016, Greenfire imported Cream Legbars from Jill Rees, a top CL breeder in the UK whose line has significantly less chestnut color than Greenfire's Production line, and whose show wins include first and second place at the National Poultry Show of Great Britain. Known to be superior in conformation to the accepted standards for Cream Legbars, the Rees line is also known to produce eggs with a greenish tint or a more aqua color.

Our flocks include all imports - Greenfire A, B and Rees lines - for maximum genetic diversity  They produce eggs in a beautiful range of blues, blue-greens (aquas) and greens. 


Cream Legbars are our most friendly and sociable breed. They get along well with each other and with their humans. We see this breed as a sort of return to the old West with the ladies daintily strutting around in what appear to be fluffy bloomers and feather bonnets, escorted by their gentleman-guardian who bids them eat first and keeps danger at bay. These are delightful birds to keep, we highly recommend you get some!

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