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How We Pack Our Eggs

We take extra special care to package our fertile hatching eggs for their journey through the USPS system. Our packing method includes multiple layers of materials that cushion and insulate to improve your chances for a good hatch.

Hatching eggs nestled in insulation

Individually Insulated

Fertile hatching eggs are nestled individually in thick pipe insulation for padding and protection from temperature changes.

Fertile hatching eggs boxed and cushione

Packed & Padded

Eggs are packed securely with additional cushioning to minimize shifting during shipment.

Inner shipping box

Double Boxed

A second layer of temperature protection and shock absorption is provided by styrofoam and air space surrounding every side of the inner box.

Foam/mylar heat deflecting wrap

Protection from Heat and Cold

When eggs may be exposed to extreme  temperatures, we add a final barrier of thermal insulation which completely encases the outer box.

How We Pack Our Eggs: What's Happening
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