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CHICKS Swedish Flower Hen

CHICKS Swedish Flower Hen

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Swedish Flower Hen Chicks are part of The Granger Farm Collection.


Full Hatch* or Straight Run** - $20 per chick


*FULL HATCH. If you would like to get a natural mix of male and female chicks at a discounted price, the Full Hatch might be the way to go. Full Hatch price applies when you purchase the quantity of chicks you want, we set and hatch your eggs, and you receive the chicks that hatch out.


**STRAIGHT RUN. Straight run is how we sell already-hatched chicks that are not considered sight-sexable on hatch. We cannot guarantee the sex of these chicks, but statistically you should get a mix close to 50% female and 50% male.


CHICKS HATCHED TO ORDER. When you place your order, we collect your eggs and set them in our incubators. We set enough eggs to get you the number of chicks ordered based on our typical hatch rate (with a few extras for wiggle room). You will be notified when your chicks are hatched and ready for pick up (free), delivery ($2/mile) or shipping ($55 for up to 20 chicks). IF YOU CHOOSE DELIVERY, YOU MUST ADD THAT OPTION TO YOUR CART FROM THE SHOP (IT NOT LISTED UNDER SHIPPING OPTIONS IN CHECKOUT) FOR YOUR ORDER TO BE COMPLETE. We deliver within 50 miles of our locations (76013 or 76453). Delivery charge is $2 per mile from our location to yours. Email, text or call to arrange for delivery.


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