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CHICKS Wabi Sabi Aquamarine

CHICKS Wabi Sabi Aquamarine

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Full Hatch* - $10 per chick

Sexed** - $20 female, $5 male


*FULL HATCH. If you would like to get a natural mix of male and female chicks at a discounted price, the Full Hatch might be the way for you to go. Full Hatch price applies when you purchase the quantity of chicks you want, we set and hatch those eggs, and you get whatever proportion of female and male chicks  hatch out.

**SEXED. With our auto-sexing breeds (Bielefelder, Cream Legbar, 55 Flowery) and sex-linked crosses (Aquamarines and Jades), you can determine with nearly 100% certainty the sex of each chick, so you can purchase female or male chicks as you like