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Silverudd's Blue

100% First Imports, Certified OO Flock

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Pastured, Free Range, Organic
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Previously known as Isbar, Blue Isbar or Swedish Isbar, this amazing breed’s name was officially changed to Silverudd's Blue in 2016 by vote of the Swedish Cultural Hen Association. They are the fantastic creation of Swedish pastor Martin Silverudd, who was obsessed with creating hardy, beautiful chickens, practical for the homestead or small-scale farm, with high production of uniquely-colored eggs. He succeeded wildly with this breathtaking breed. These birds are as hardy as they come, thriving in both heat and cold. They are excellent foragers and alert for predators. Hens lay upwards of 200 eggs in a kaleidoscope of greens from lightest mint to gentle sage to rich, dark olive. Many experts and chicken aficionados believe Silverudd's Blue eggs to be the most beautiful in the world!


Silverudds’ ”blue” (BBS) genetics means your chicks may hatch out blue, black or splash, giving you a gorgeous variety of plumage.

Blue | Blues can range from a light silvery-blue to medium storm gray-blue to deep, lush indigo. Females are often one solid blue hue, but may also sport a bit of deeper color about the throat. At maturity, males are adorned with shimmering metallic hackles and saddle (neck and back), usually silver, occasionally gold.

Black | Blacks are remarkable for the peacock iridescence of their otherwise ebony plumage which shimmers and sparkles in sunlight. Ladies are solid black, grown gentlemen also display the same metallic hackles and saddles as their blue brethren.

Splash | Splashes are white to creamy yellow at hatch; they develop a lovely blue confetti pattern all over as they feather out. Splashes' dramatic coloring make them fun and decorative birds to have in your yard. Males may have splash and/or metallic hackles and saddles.


Greenfire Farms first imported this wonderful breed in 2011. This flock, brought to the U.S. from Sweden, displayed excellent consistency and had desirable traits such as their high production of exquisite green eggs, thrifty foraging and efficient feed conversion, refined appearance, sleek bodies, clean single combs, splashy splashes and strong blues, signature dark eyes and legs, and sweet and gentle nature. In 2013, Greenfire Farms imported other birds from unrelated flocks. These Second Imports are markedly different from the first and prone to a host of characteristics that many breeders, keepers and enthusiasts of the First Imports find troubling. These characteristics include producing eggs that are gray, tan or brown, pea combs or other wrong combs, comb sprigs and other comb deformities, bulky (more like Marans) and/or awkward body type coupled with higher feed consumption, color leakage, mottling, all-white birds and a tendency to be flighty and stand-offish. Although Second Imports might be useful if you need to bring more genetic diversity to your stock, they lack the quality, consistency, looks, and charm of the First Imports. They sometimes lack even the most basic characteristics required to be recognized as Silverudd's Blue per the Swedish guidelines which are (1) blue (BBS) coloring, (2) single comb, (3) high production of green eggs. Our birds are 100% FIRST IMPORT stock. There are only a quality few breeders in the US of 100% FIRST IMPORT stock. We are proud to be among them and to be a part of the conservation of this outstanding breed. As of April 15, 2021, our flock is certified OO - that is all flock members have been tested to be homozygous for the blue egg gene which, when combined with some level of brown pigment on the shell gives us the green eggs. This means our birds will never produce a tan egg, which is a problem that has plagued this “unfinished” breed. Together with the American Silverudd’s Blue Association, we are encouraging all breeders to test their Silverudd’s Blues and breed forward only OO birds so we can eliminate tan eggs from the breed altogether. 


Silverudd's Blues are stunning-looking super layers of gorgeous globes of green. Being on the smaller side, they are easy to keep and manage and may also make pleasant pets. You will be proud to own these magnificent birds that flood your egg basket with viridescence.

Enthusiasts, keepers or breeders, we highly recommend joining the American Silverudd’s Blue Association, a community dedicated to the conservation and improvement of the breed.

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