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Wabi Sabi Jade

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Jade eggs
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First, we carefully breed Black Copper Marans and Crested Cream Legbars for certain desired qualities. Only the best of the offspring are selected to create our wonderful Black Jade birds. The pairing yields darling little black chickies that are conveniently sexable on hatch - the girls are pure, fluffy black, the boys are black with a white spot on the head. As adults, both males and females may boast modest crests from their Legbar side, with irridescent black feathering, coppering, or barring. At maturity, they are a nice size, so can be used for dual purposes if you like. However, the main reason to love them are the many elegant eggs in shades of jade these wonderful girls will give you. From subtle celadon to dark olive, their gorgeous orbs are a delight to the eyes and food for the body and soul!

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