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Although we've been raising healthy, beautiful chickens for over five years, we just began offering hatching eggs, chicks and other services to the public in February 2020. Our goals are to blow everyone away with the quality of our stock, provide frank and friendly service, and for each customer to be completely satisfied. Looks like we're off to a good start...please keep the comments coming!

Hatched Under a Broody

“Your hatching eggs did great under our broody Silkie hen. I can’t believe how many hatched - 11 of 12! The 12th had a chick developing, but we cracked it. :(

All the chicks were happy and healthy after they hatched. Everyone looks great! Anyone needing hatching eggs I’ll send your way. We will definitely come to you again. The kids loved watching the whole process.”

- Julian T.

Rainbow Mix Rare Breed & Designer Cross Hatching Eggs

The Best Packaging

“Eggs arrived in great condition, your packaging was the best I have ever come across and I’ve been ordering hatching eggs for 15 years.”

- Stephanie S.

Rainbow Mix Rare Breed & Designer Cross Hatching Eggs

A Jiffy Pop Popcorn of Chickens

“This is Wrecking Ball - the first one hatched, this is Smoky - 2nd hatched, and THIS is the guy who did not want chickens. He has watched these eggs like an expectant father. We woke up to a “jiffy pop popcorn” of chickens. I cannot tell you how much we have enjoyed this.”

Michelle W.

The Hatching Experience

Arrived Safely

“Hello, thanks for the message and the eggs! They arrived safely and very well packaged. They are beautiful!!!! Thanks so much for labelling them, as well. They are in the incubator now. I currently have a Silverudd’s rooster, but couldn’t get any hens. I’m sure I will have some in less than 21 days! Thanks again, I will check to see if you offer other breeds as well.”

- Mike T.

Silverudd’s Blue Hatching Eggs

100% Hatch Rate

“Best packing job I’ve ever received. LOVE that all were pointy end down—all but one had intact/stable air cell—which means I can put them on their side in my most reliable and fully automatic little incubator. I’ve bought eggs from across the country, most arrive with unstable air cells. And yours have such small air cells—super fresh! Thank you for the extra! They are all beautiful—LOVE the speckled ones.”

UPDATE: "6 eggs in - 100% fertility - 100% hatch rate!! Great job raising the flock that produced the fabulous eggs!!!"

- Martha B.

Silverudd’s Blue Hatching Eggs

Amazed Every Morning

"Thank you so much, we already love these little buggers and are amazed every morning as they grow and their little attitudes evolve."

- Nathan D. 

Rainbow Mix Chicks

Yours vs. The Other Guy’s

“I have to tell you... Since your Cream Legbar eggs were sold out, I purchased 6 from another seller at the same time I purchased your Ocean mix, and the difference was UNREAL. The eggs from the other seller were not packaged nicely, and they were completely filthy. Absolutely covered in muck, and only 2 were even  fertile. Yours, of course, were perfect! So I'll never buy from anyone else in the future. This is the comparison I sent to friends who asked for egg recommendations. Your Aquamarines vs the other guy's Cream Legbar. Your eggs were perfectly packaged, the pics on your website were true to color, and there was a lot of variety in colors and speckles, which was exactly what I was hoping for! I've seen so many people edit their photos, especially to darken Marans eggs, but yours were completely accurate.”


Ocean Mix Hatching Eggs

Testimonials: What's Happening

Museum Display

"I was able to acquire an amazing variety of egg colors and sizes from Hope at Wabi Sabi Acres. I work at a museum and was trying to find a large variety of chicken eggs for a display. I was able to blow them out and use the various colored shells in an educational display for kids. The eggs are beautiful."


Rainbow Mix Rare Breed & Designer Cross Hatching Eggs


Thank you! They are beautiful!


Black Copper Marans Hatching Eggs

BCM eggs DC 4/2020
Successful classroom hatch

Never Had This Many Hatch

"Hi Hope, I wanted you to see the six (so far) baby chicks. Please sign me up for next year after Spring Break. I've never had this many hatch. Thank you so much!"

- Susan W. 

Rainbow Mix Hatching Eggs

(Teacher who hatches eggs for her class each year)

Totally Stoked

“No worries, I’d planned on leaving you the extra’ve been awesome and I’m totally stoked to get these eggs! Thank you again!”

- Becky

Silverudd’s Blue Hatching Eggs

Testimonials: What's Happening
Testimonials: Testimonials

"AKC" Quality Chicks

I hatched chicks from your eggs for my friend who just bought a ranch. She bought 6 chicks from the feed store that were born within a day or two of your eggs hatching. They can't believe the difference! It was just crazy, we never would have understood the difference in quality and health if she didn't have them at the same time to compare. Yours are like AKC-quality chicks!


Rainbow Mix Hatching Eggs

Repeat Customer

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