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Wheaten Marans


Named after the historic port town of Marans, France, this breed originated in the marshy areas on the coast of the Atlantic. Marans began to develop in the 1200's as local marsh hens were crossed with various gamecocks brought over on the ships which came into port. The breed evolved gradually over the centuries as other breeds were crossed in, including Brahmas and Langshans. Marans first emerged in their modern form during the 1914 French poultry shows. The first breed standard was established by the Marans Club of France in 1931. Marans come in many varieties including Black Copper, Wheaten, Cuckoo, White, Black, Blue Birchen and others. While Wheaten males bear a strong resemblance to Black Coppers, Wheaten females rock an almost opposite look from their Black Copper cousins. Winsome Wheaten hens wear coats the color of fresh wheat, with deeper-toned head and hackles, wheaten breast and super-fluffy, light and creamy underside.


The first Marans were imported to the U.S. just about the time our soldiers were returning to the states after World War II. Since then, birds and eggs have been brought in from many other countries including England, Canada and Australia.


On the outside, Marans eggs are the rich color of chocolate. Inside, a golden-orange yolk is simply bursting with nutrition - vitamins, minerals, proteins and healthy fats - thanks to our birds' natural diet of foraged bugs, grasses and greens, sky-harvested water and organic feed. Marans eggs are gourmet eggs, prized by the French and sold at a premium in French markets and restaurants - for good reason. Once you taste them for yourself, we think you'll agree with culinary experts worldwide, that Marans eggs are without a doubt the most delicious! Our Wheaten Marans eggs are chocolatey chunks distinctly different from our Black Copper eggs - they lack the really red tones and have a soothing matte surface, often speckled (at Wabi Sabi Acres, we're crazy for the speckles)! These eggs add another layer of lovely to your egg basket.


Our Marans originate from well-regarded breeders including Bev Davis, Ron Presley and Wade Jeane. Even with these great bloodlines, we will continually selectively breed for our desired goals of exceptionally robust, sweet-natured, good-looking birds with superior genetics that are a pleasure to own; bring many large, beautiful, healthful eggs to your table; and serve a dual purpose well if needed.

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